Tradition, experience and eveolution from farm to market


History and Tradition

The history of La Comarca begins at the beginning of Grupo Alimentario de Lorca and the food group La Comarca Food Group , and stems from its decades of tradition in pigs and pork.

Year after year, the ambition and work of the group has led to the creation of new companies to cover each of the production processes; Always looking for excellence and full quality control.


Evolution and experience from farm to market

The experience in each one of the branches of the meat and pork sector has allowed the great evolution of the group, tripling the work team and the productive capacity in a very few years.

On the horizon we have the goal of continuing to conquer markets inside and outside our borders, building customer and consumer loyalty with high-quality products in which process control is guaranteed from farm to table. Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion



Corporate Social Responsibility

The values ​​of La Comarca Food Group are shared by each of the companies that make it up and are reflected in the same objective: to improve the environment in which we live .

At LCFG we believe that, as an important part of the industry and society, we must use our influence to create tools that improve the world we live in and the conditions of those around us, and we do so through our sustainable commitment, commitment with our environment and commitment to our workers.

We are committed to transparency , which is why we make our ethical channel available to employees, collaborators and society in general , a complaint and denunciation channel in which people can inform the company of any situation while maintaining confidentiality at all times.

II Equal Opportunities Plan

Through the implementation of the II Equal Opportunities Plan at Grupo Alimentario de Lorca, we provide our organization with tools to improve, grow and take advantage of all the talent of our team; and we commit both the company and the workers to building a better environment and a better company day by day for all the people who make it up.

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