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How to introduce pork with the BLW method

How to introduce pork with the BLW method

Pork is a food suitable for complementary feeding of the baby and can be introduced from 6 months. Pork meat has great advantages for the nutrition of the little ones , even babies, since it provides minerals, high-quality proteins, fats and iron . Iron is especially important for babies as it is common for them to develop anemia during the first year of life. This is because milk, whether breast or formula, contains very little iron and this must be introduced as soon as possible after six months through complementary feeding.

Another of the great advantages of pork is the wide variety of cuts it offers. For the little ones, we can choose leaner cuts , such as sirloin or loin , ideal for proper digestion and a great contribution of nutrients. 

Pork and BLW method

If you want to know how to introduce pork with the BLW (Baby Led Weaning) method , a method based on letting the baby lead the diet by offering solid food (which can be combined with crushed food) from the start of complementary feeding, We offer you some ideas to give it to your baby in an easy and tasty way. 

The easiest way to offer pork to babies through the BLW method is to do it in burgers , plus they love them! Thus, the little ones can take pieces of hamburger with their hands and be the ones who take them to their mouths, helping them to develop their motor skills and motor skills . The best thing is that we make them ourselves by adding other foods that have already been introduced (such as eggs, breadcrumbs and vegetables); this way we can avoid giving them foods with salt and we completely control what they contain. We can shape them thinking about their little hands and how they are going to hold them, making them oval (egg-shaped) rather than round. This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

If we haven’t introduced foods like eggs yet, it can be difficult to create a burger, but there are other ways to offer them pork that they love. We simply sauté the chopped sirloin, loin or lean meat in the pan (remember not to add any salt) leaving little balls to form. We offer it as it is so that the baby can pick up bits of meat with his hands. 

Another very simple option is to offer the pork in cooked strips . For this we take a good piece of tenderloin , letting it boil for at least an hour so that it is really tender . We are looking for the baby, without teeth, to be able to eat it without a problem. Then we undo the meat with our hands or with the help of a fork; think about creating strips that the baby can grasp with his hands. In this way you will taste the meat with its original texture and flavor . Try offering him the strips accompanied by some vegetables that he has already tried cut into sticks, so we are beginning to establish in our baby the habit of a varied and balanced diet .  

It is also a very good idea to add cooked pork to our homemade porridge. It will be the protein contribution you need along with your favorite vegetables. 


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