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The Selection Committee of the  “Lorquin Sports Awards 2019”  of the Department of Sports of Lorca has selected  La Comarca  as an  award-winning company  in the Awards that will be delivered at the XXVI GALA DEL DEPORTE IN LORCA for its  contribution to the development of sports local . The gala will take place next  Friday, February 28 , at the  Teatro Guerra  de Lorca, starting at 8:00 p.m. The event will be attended by  Daniel Encinas, CEO of La Comarca , who will collect the award on behalf of the entire team. 

For La Comarca, sport is the engine of health, good habits and social development, which is why we promote it inside and outside our company. Inside, because we have a running team made up of the employees themselves, who participate in various tests supported by your company. The  La Comarca running team  has had many successes and has high-level athletes such as  Victoria Soler , who in addition to being  runner-up in the last Guadalentín Games , has been  recognized by the Department of Sports. 

The Region has always supported Lorca sports through sponsorship and collaboration. A clear example of this is the  Lorca Half Marathon , with which we have been collaborating for nine years, providing top-quality meat products so that participants can regain strength at the end of the race. Currently, La Comarca also supports  Lorca Club Fútbol Base as its main sponsor , collaborates with the  Guadalentín Games  and sponsors the  Peñarrubia Lorca Trail . 

La Comarca’s commitment to sport in Lorca is firm because we understand it as a way of  supporting the development of the entire Lorca society.

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