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Grupo Alimentario de Lorca SL (La Comarca) remains firm in its commitment to differentiate itself in terms of animal welfare and obtains the  INTERPORC ANIMAL WELFARE SPAIN Certification Seal” (IAWS) certification  in its slaughterhouse facilities. This certificate joins the one already obtained in this same field a few months ago, the  Welfair™ certificate in  Animal Welfare  granted by IRTA in collaboration with Neiker-Tecnalia.

 The Region applies strict controls and quality standards  in terms of  animal welfare in its facilities , focusing a large part of its  innovation  and technological investment on this aspect that is so important for the quality of the final product and increasingly demanded by the  consumer . Thanks to these efforts, there are already two certifications that have been obtained in this matter, within the framework of the  most demanding livestock and meat sector in the world,  such as the Spanish one. Spain  is  a pioneer  in establishing and complying with European regulations on animal welfare.

 Interporc’s IAWS Animal Welfare certificate ensures   compliance with the five animal welfare  principles  established by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) both on farms and in slaughterhouses and industry. These principles are: animals free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition; free from fears and anxieties; free from physical or thermal discomforts; free from pain, injury or disease; and free to express their own patterns of behavior.

The Region continues to implement improvements and progress in its  commitment  to  quality ,  animal welfare  and  innovation  to adapt to consumer demands  .

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